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Now available on Steam!

A challenging, top-down shoot-em-up with a focus on intense action and deep, custom character builds. You are Cosmonator; the last living human after the earth is destroyed in an alien attack. Avenge humanity!

  • Choose your difficulty: from rookie mode to absolute bullet hell
  • 40 hand-crafted levels shape the core of the game
  • Unlock 20+ extra optional challenge levels
  • More than 15 epic boss battles
  • 30+ passive upgrades including various firepower and missile upgrades, sideship upgrades, drone upgrades, shield and armor upgrades, and a variety of special feats - allowing you to craft a customised build that suits your desired play style
  • 40+ unique spells that can be upgraded to various strengths; some spells can be augmented to alter their effects in specific ways
  • An endless gauntlet mode that continuously increases in difficulty and measures your ability against other players on the leaderboards
  • Controller support
Future work:
  • Local cooperative mode

Install instructions

For now, this is the 32-bit Windows version. It will run on 64-bit Windows systems via the 32-bit JRE. Future versions will support Linux and Macintosh.

Download the .zip file and extract into an empty directory. To play, simply run "cosmonator.bat".


cosmonator-demo-win32-2.8.1.zip 175 MB